Sunday, February 28, 2010

Straight Ahead Jazz & A Little Jazz History @ the Savoy Jazz Club

The Savoy Jazz Club is a jazz club in the virtual world of Second Life that is dedicated to real jazz and blues music. The Savoy is all about the music, not fancy contests and gimmicks. If you love Satchmo and The Duke, Miles and Trane, Monk and Bird, Buddy and B.B., then the Savoy is for you. See how a virtual world allows for the visualization and representation to experience and appreciate jazz through several learning styles. A virtual environment can create this experience for the students and allow them to interact, analyze and reflect on what they hear, what they read, and what others have to say while they are exposed to several artists. Participants will enjoy, reflect and discuss the experience and how to use immersive social experiences such as the Savoy educationally.

Purpose of the demonstration

Much of SecondLife include opportunities to socialize and dance. Residents can explore a variety of nightclubs with a diverse array of music for any taste. Often jazz is made to be a generic label for a style that is rich in history and strict in its definition! Come learn more about "Straight Ahead Jazz" while ballroom dancing alone or in the arms of a friend. It is an hour that will leave you wanting more.

Description of the activity in which participants will engage

Participants will experience "Straight Ahead Jazz" music through listening and through exploring the rich history of the greats! Dancing and narration between sets offers an appreciation that really should provide a certificate in music appreciation! Visually each of the jazz artwork includes biographies of the greats, auditorally you will soak up on the the best jazz found on the Grid.

To optimize this experience, the sim is limited to 50 participants. When more than 50 attend, it becomes laggy. We want participants to enjoy the full experience of going to a high class, first rate jazz club. Dress up and enjoy some time in formalware! Participants will be provided with gowns and tuxedos if needed.

Indicate how your work illustrates best practices

There are many misconceptions about what "Jazz" really is. Easy listening, blues, and soft rock all sometimes work their way into a presentation labeled "Jazz." The Savoy Jazz Club has made its mark on the Second Life music lover scene by focusing on Straight Ahead Jazz. Come learn about the music you love to listen and enjoy. Soak up the rich history that accompanies each song. DJ and Savoy Jazz Club Co-Owner Crighton Johin knows his stuff and offers his audiences only the best!


Crighton Johin, Kimmer Jameson, Parker Janick, Elektra Panthar, & Bigd Flanagan

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